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Italy: One week

Friday 13, take a cab to JFK with my boss, a drink at the terminal with ari and anna. Sleepless night trip on the plane. I fall asleep but we’re arriving… Dinner with the family, hang out with my brother and sister. At home at 6am. The time to recover, I drive to Florence. Pick Laure and Silvia for dinner, drink at Forte belvedere and chat till 2am. Office work, meet paola. Jv announced, drink and dinner with american’s colleagues at filipepe. Double wine and double limoncello. Finally I hang out with paola and matteo and laure. I pick matteo, laure and chiara2 and drive to pistoia, pick chiara for a drink and dinner and then at her place for photo shots. I feel tired but I have to attend the dadaparty. I speak on a slide and meet chineses, Brazilians, Hungarians, polish and a java developers (female). I’m tired but I resists, work half day, goodbye lunch with laure and I drive to castiglioncello to pick giulia and drive to grosseto. Meet ale,fede,massi,simo,letizia,tatiana for a drink dinner drink. Goodbye giulia, I drive home take a shower and meet giuseppina and nadia.
Sunday 22: 5.30am alarm, and flight to new york

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