Articles of the week

Starting today, I will post a brief weekly summary of the the best articles I found online. What’s next in computing? (by @cdixon) An article about the evolution of software, hardware, AI and VR I read a lot about the Open Web Time to channel my Inner Dave Winer (by Joi Ito) Anywhere but […]

Back to blogging

A few days ago, I read posts from Joi Ito and Dave Winer. At the end, this sentence/tweet kept buzzing in my mind. It reminded me about the importance of the Open Web. The difference between owning your content vs keeping it in a walled garden. And most importantly: how do we keep the open web relevant? What […]

Beef Kaldereta – filipino cuisine

After the Avocado lime ice cream, we decided to make it a tradition: prepare a new dish every week. Last Sunday I tried Kaldereta, a Filipino dish, for the first time. After some research online and offline, I found a recipe that inspired me. Truth to be said, the Kaldereta is very similar to Italian’s spezzatino, […]

My take on Avocado Ice cream

I haven’t posted in ages. Food is bringing me back… As way of background, I blogged about New York City at first, about tech and food. I love food: eating it as well as cooking it. Today I made Vegan avocado lime ice cream, Recipe courtesy found on Serious Eats! I won’t go through the recipe into details, as you […]