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Back to blogging

A few days ago, I read posts from Joi Ito and Dave Winer.
At the end, this sentence/tweet kept buzzing in my mind.

It reminded me about the importance of the Open Web. The difference between owning your content vs keeping it in a walled garden.
And most importantly: how do we keep the open web relevant? What can do about it?

I wrote my first blog post in 2006, when I moved from Florence to NYC. Through blogging, I shared my stories, kept in touch with friends while having lot of fun.

Blogging isn’t easy, it takes time, but it pushes you to a deeper level of thinking.

For all those reasons, I want to get back to blogging!
I’ll use this platform as hub for my content, without giving up Twitter or Facebook.

I’ll mostly write about food, tech, my trips. Let’s see where it goes!

Game on!

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