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My Adidas (November 2006)

My AdidasThis is an old post from my italian blog that I will try to translate.
Why? Because it talks about running, one of my passions I discovered in NYC. I wrote this post after my first run:

“This city is corrupting me. I’m doing things that I would have considered embarrassing just a few months ago.I’m thinking about running.
Why? I don’t know, that’s what I’ve been wondering after my first run.
This mania didn’t cost me yet expensive gadgets, shiny shoes, branded clothes or wealthy behaviours.
In fact I’m training with just adidas shoes (100$) and pants (30$), kiway (for free) and an old shirt (free).
For the rest, no worries, same life.
Alcool, cigarettes and unhealthy food.**
New York, I gave you a finger, you won’t take my whole arm! WTF*
(The title of the post is in honor of a great 80′ band, you rest in peace).”

* This is tipical italian slang
** FYI: I don’t smoke any more, I eat healthy and drink rarely. Yes, NYC took my arm!!

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