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Apple’s rules

After 4 days I’m more than qualified to draft a list of survival rules for the City!

* Traffic light
A real newyorker cross with red, not caring about risks, cars and curses. Since he’s always in a rush, a real newyorkerz will always try everything to save 20 seconds.
* Elevators
It will happen to use elevators. Most of the times you won’t be alone. The rule is: never cheer! Cheering people in an elevator is not considered cool. But you can try, at least once, to get into an elevator and say loudly: Hello…and look at people’s faces!
* Breakfast
In NYC you’ll have your breakfast in a rush, actually in the street! My real first day I studied locals walking with coffee, donut(*) and newspaper. So I had to try too! Well, after solving some tech issue**, I have to say that the coffee is good and warm you up, and the donuts (or muffins) are great! Give it a try!! (price 1.20$)
* Hot Dog
That doesn’t mean ‘cane caldo’ (warm dog), but aroused dog (can’t translate better…)! An hot dog costs 1-2 bucks in the city. It depends on the neighborhood. But… be careful how and where you buy it. Don’t even try to pay with a 20$ bill, like myself… you’ll be asked to give your hot dog back because they don’t have change! (true, real story)
* Food
NYC food is great! Oh wow, it’s great! There are few thousands of food places in the city, the competition is high, so the quality is great! You can eat with 5$ but you can end up spending 300$, anyway you’ll be satisfied. For a good light meal you can go to a corean, get noodles*** and spend less than 5bucks. For a good dinner you can spend 30-40$. Be careful with dessert and wine, they will raise the bill!
* Cigarettes
Bad news guys, you’ll end up quitting. (Marlboro 7-9$)
* Water
Very pricy, for free in restaurants. Half liter in a grocery can cost up to 1.5$
* Topa
working in progress (the scenario seems dark, really dark)

* Donut: homer simpson made it popular, you can find in tons of versions….too sweet for me!
** Street coffee instructions: it’s served with sugar and milk in a big cup. Don’t fully remove the cap, or you’re screwed (like I did). You have to remove a small portion, like opening a soda can. If you remove the cap (like I did my first time) you’ll be forced to drink your coffee standing (you cannot walk). Giving the locals the chance to say: what a jerk! (You don’t want that, right)

*** Noodles: Simone is going to explain them soon!

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