Linguine with lobster

For the first time, I tried this dish on my own. After I’ve heard of my friend Matteo’s huge success last weekend! The master of this dish is ZeroZero in Florence, but mine didn’t perform that bad!

Arpino – Holiday in Italy

This is Arpino, the land of Cicerone and Roman civilization. In the picture the most ancient (and still standing) “sesto acuto” (pointed) arc. Two more shots from the small village: The Cicerone’s tower: This place is worth a trip! Arpino on Wikipedia Cyclopean masonry

Make it, eat it!

I’m in love with food… you know….coming back home and decompress preparing something delicious and tasty is priceless…. My last creation: I worked on a seafood salad and a korean strawberry macedonia … Simply priceless! Take a look…soon the recipes!

Italy: One week

Friday 13, take a cab to JFK with my boss, a drink at the terminal with ari and anna. Sleepless night trip on the plane. I fall asleep but we’re arriving… Dinner with the family, hang out with my brother and sister. At home at 6am. The time to recover, I drive to Florence. Pick […]