My VelocityConf 2012


Velocity Conf 2012 is over and there are a lot of videos, slides around the web.
I made an effort to put together a list of them, specifically the sessions that I attended.

You can find more here:

Ping me if you find the missing slides or you want to add material.

Here they are:

Mike Brittain (Etsy):
Simple logs analysis and trending
Building resilient user experience

Estelle Weyl (Standardista):
Mobile Web Performances

Bryan McQuade (Google):
Understanding and Optimizing Web Performance Metrics

Luke Kanies (Puppets Lab):
11 Ways to Hack Puppet For Fun and Productivity

Hooman Beheshti (Strangeloop Networks):
 The 90-Minute Mobile Optimization Life Cycle

Jay Parikh (Facebook):
Building for a Billion Users

John Rauser (Amazon):
Investigating anomalies

Richard Cook (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm):
How complex systems fail

Vik Chaudhary (Keynote Systems, Inc.):
Broadening the User Perspective – From Network Latency to User Experience Timings

Matthew Steele (Google), Roberto Peon (Google):
SPDYing Up Your Site

Raffi Krikorian (Twitter), Arya Asemanfar (Twitter, Inc.):
Real-time systems at Twitter

James Turnbull (Puppet Labs):
Roll Back: The Impossible Dream

Tom Hughes-Croucher (Jetpacks for Dinosaurs):
Using Node.js to improve the performance of Mobile apps and Mobile web

Matt Atterbury (Google Inc), Mustafa Tikir (Google):
Using Google Sitespeed and PageSpeed Products to Debug, Improve, Measure, and Iterate.

Dan Webb (Twitter Inc), Rob Sayre (Twitter):
Time To First Tweet

Mike Christian (Yahoo!):
Frying Squirrels and Unspun Gyros (Video)

Ben Galbraith (, Dion Almaer (
The Performance of Web vs. Apps

Albert Wenger (Union Square Ventures):
Political and Commercial Threats and Opportunities for a Faster and Stronger Web

Jesse Robbins (Opscode):
Changing Culture & Being a force for Awesome… (Video) (Slides) (Interview)

Kate Matsudaira (Decide):
Leveling Up – Taking Your Operations and Engineering Role to the Next Level.

Tim Lossen (wooga – world of gaming):
Dashboard Mania

Mandi Walls (Opscode):
Challenges to Cultural Change (Slides) (Interview)

Stoyan Stefanov (Facebook):
Social Button BFFs

Nicole Sullivan (Stubbornella):
5 Essential Tools for UI Performance

Nathan Yergler (Eventbrite):
Living With Technical Debt


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