Arpino – Holiday in Italy

This is Arpino, the land of Cicerone and Roman civilization. In the picture the most ancient (and still standing) “sesto acuto” (pointed) arc. Two more shots from the small village: The Cicerone’s tower: This place is worth a trip! Arpino on Wikipedia Cyclopean masonry

The Housing Chart That’s Worth 1000 Word

Snippet from an article by Henry Blodget Instead of allowing the housing market to correct to its fair value, President Obama and Barney Frank will attempt to “mitigate” foreclosures. Mr. Frank has big plans for your tax dollars, “We may need more than $50 billion for foreclosure [mitigation]”. What this means is that you will be making […]


I just realized that I’m responsible for: 10 servers 4 SVN repositories 1 Bug tracker system ~100k Lines of code 6M requests / day 1 Intranet 1 Wiki Make pesto is much easier….

Bye bye babe

It’s over! You spend a lifetime to build this relationship. You invest your best years of your life, your energies, your money, everything on it. You turn 35, confident you built something great, that will last forever. Then one night you wake up and u realize that you’re done. You don’t know what to say […]

Brooklyn Garden

I found this while I was cleaning the laptop I gave to my Mom. It’s a love poem. After a While After a while you learn The subtle difference between Holding a hand and chaining a soul And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning And company doesn’t always mean security. And you begin to […]

Ice cubes (when I was searching for a place to stay)

I love this man, and I’m really tempted to apply for his place. Below his post: Hello potential roommates!  I come to you today with an offer you might not be able to refuse. Due to my current roommate’s imminent departure, I have available a large furnished room on the first floor of a three-story […]