My VelocityConf 2012

Velocity Conf 2012 is over and there are a lot of videos, slides around the web. I made an effort to put together a list of them, specifically the sessions that I attended. You can find more here: Ping me if you find the missing slides or you want to add material. Here […]

How to extract audio from a youtube video

I was looking for the song Also Sprach Zarathustra. But I could only easily found it as video After a quick search I found out how rip the audio from a youtube video (via linux/fedora): 1) Download a video from youtube –  yum install youtube-dl – youtube-dl 2) Extract the audio track – ffmpeg […]

In Search of Stupidity

You have to read this book! (From wikipedia) This book explores, in a humorous tone, the art and science of management used by high-technology companies. In Search of Stupidity is a parody of In Search of Excellence. Its central thesis is that the most determinant factor for success in the high-tech market is avoidance of […]

Links of the week

Small Team, Big Impact: The People Behind Photos At Facebook, it’s common for small teams of three or four people to work together in creating products that are used by millions of people around the world. Watch how the team behind Facebook’s Photos application helped it become the most popular of its kind on the […]

Links of the week

Open-source PHP applications that changed the world From managing databases to shopping, writing blogs to sending emails. Ten years of passion, great software architectures, team work and revolutionary ideas. Here are the most influential open-source PHP applications to date. My favs: phpmyadmin, wordpress, zend framework! Experiences deploying a large-scale infrastructure in Amazon EC2 Folks at […]

Links of the week

I’ve been out for a while lately. I’ve travelled for work and pleasure to Italy. But I’m back with my weekly links! Technology related: – Jailbreak an iPhone 3G – Wired How-To Wiki ( – 10 Principles of the PHP Masters – Nettuts+ ( – Why I chose Zend Framework for Enterprise – Jim Plush’s […]

Links of the week

Are Cloud Based Memory Architectures the Next Big Thing? Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Mistakes The 10 biggest mistakes IT managers make

My links of the week

UES Restaurant Offering Free Food to “Gossip Girls” 10 CSS Tips Every Web Developer Should Know 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know Online resources for Zend Framework 10 Papers Every Software Architect Should Read (At Least Twice)

Links of the week

Real estate market and Economy: Manhattan Condo Buyers Walk Away From $1 Million Down Payments Unsold Manhattan Condos Are Piling Up Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street   Technology: 20 cynical project management tips  On Cross-Browser Compatibility How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data 

How To Build An iPhone App

Check this out! Ten23 Software writes about their experience with iPhone application development. The result is a sort of how to about do and don’t! Building PhotoKast: Creating an iPhone app in one month