Beef Kaldereta – filipino cuisine

After the Avocado lime ice cream, we decided to make it a tradition: prepare a new dish every week. Last Sunday I tried Kaldereta, a Filipino dish, for the first time. After some research online and offline, I found a recipe that inspired me. Truth to be said, the Kaldereta is very similar to Italian’s spezzatino, […]

My take on Avocado Ice cream

I haven’t posted in ages. Food is bringing me back… As way of background, I blogged about New York City at first, about tech and food. I love food: eating it as well as cooking it. Today I made Vegan avocado lime ice cream, Recipe courtesy found on Serious Eats! I won’t go through the recipe into details, as you […]

Linguine with lobster

For the first time, I tried this dish on my own. After I’ve heard of my friend Matteo’s huge success last weekend! The master of this dish is ZeroZero in Florence, but mine didn’t perform that bad!

Make it, eat it!

I’m in love with food… you know….coming back home and decompress preparing something delicious and tasty is priceless…. My last creation: I worked on a seafood salad and a korean strawberry macedonia … Simply priceless! Take a look…soon the recipes!

My hand made pesto

Forget blender and mixer if you’re serious about pesto! What you need is a mortar, a lot of patience, and a little bit of strenght! I’m not good with quantity but that’s my way: – fill the mortar with packed basil leaves (dry). – Add 1 garlic – Add some salt Start working with the […]

Brian Park Salad

A New York c’è un posto chiamato Bryant Park. E’ una specie di luogo di culto, dove la gente va a trascorrere  momenti piacevoli mangiando, leggendo, giocando a scacchi o semplicemente cazzeggiando. Il parco ha regole molto ferree ma offre anche moltissime possibilità di svago e relax: – Libri gratis – Scacchiere gratis – Sedie, […]