Prince, the day after

It’s Saturday morning. The house is empty and I’m streaming a radio from Minnesota that has been playing every Prince’s song alphabetically (Alphabet St., pun intended) for the last 36 hours! Musicology, the song that made me fall in love with him again, is playing now. No better time to wrap up my thoughts. Flashback to when I was […]

He’s gone

  Prince was the fist artist I actively listened. I was 12. I discovered music listening to Purple Rain, 1999 and Sign ‘o the Time. He was my idol, for his music, the style and the message he brought to us. I still remember most of his lyrics and can sing most of his songs. Prince […]

Bedtime story

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, […]

Articles of the week

Starting today, I will post a brief weekly summary of the the best articles I found online. What’s next in computing? (by @cdixon) An article about the evolution of software, hardware, AI and VR I read a lot about the Open Web Time to channel my Inner Dave Winer (by Joi Ito) Anywhere but […]

Back to blogging

A few days ago, I read posts from Joi Ito and Dave Winer. At the end, this sentence/tweet kept buzzing in my mind. It reminded me about the importance of the Open Web. The difference between owning your content vs keeping it in a walled garden. And most importantly: how do we keep the open web relevant? What […]

Beef Kaldereta – filipino cuisine

After the Avocado lime ice cream, we decided to make it a tradition: prepare a new dish every week. Last Sunday I tried Kaldereta, a Filipino dish, for the first time. After some research online and offline, I found a recipe that inspired me. Truth to be said, the Kaldereta is very similar to Italian’s spezzatino, […]

My take on Avocado Ice cream

I haven’t posted in ages. Food is bringing me back… As way of background, I blogged about New York City at first, about tech and food. I love food: eating it as well as cooking it. Today I made Vegan avocado lime ice cream, Recipe courtesy found on Serious Eats! I won’t go through the recipe into details, as you […]

Brooklyn’s battle

A Brooklyn si sta combattendo una battaglia epocale. Un affarista, senza scrupoli, sta portando avanti un progetto per costruire 16 torri, uno stadio in una zona di brooklyn nota per le case di mattoni basse. Questo progetto dovrebbe portare in questo quartiere 15mila nuovi abitanti, lavoro, e case a prezzi abbordabili. E… tra le altre […]

Thedanger @ 3rd ward

Il 3rd ward è un centro culturale in Williamsburg (Brooklyn), che 2-3 volte al mese organizza eventi. Stasera c’è la crew I (love) the danger: musica, istallazioni video, body performance. Il centro è situato 4 blocchi a nord della fermata della metro, per arrivarci bisogna attraversare il nulla! E’ circa mezzanotte, entro con 10$ di […]

Drum & Bass @ Sin Sin

Martedì sera non sapevo che fare, e contemporaneamente non avevo voglia di stare in casa. Alle 8pm circa incomincio a sfogliare Time Out, e trovo un annuncio accattivante: Camouflage 10pm: This night of “Drum ‘n’ Bass for mature audience” pumps it out in East Village lounge Sin Sin, where resident Christian Bruna and guests rock […]